Friday, 26 September 2008

“Gentlemen, today we will not be going to war”

Well it seems that Operation Market Garden will not be starting today, nor tomorrow for us PC Gamers because it invariably seems that they have put back the release date of Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway for the PC until 03/10/2008 according to

Ok I understand that games do have their release dates moved but this close to release? Seems a bit strange why the 360 and PS3 owners still get to go to war today while we seemingly are stuck at the Air Base waiting because our aircraft is still being fixed. Well who said the war wouldn’t wait? Seems like this time it will have to!

Well even worse news is that according to they have the release date as the 10/10/08. Two weeks today. Wow what exactly are they doing to the PC product that means it needs more time before it is released.

Well only time will tell as to what will be happening with the release date of this game. Shame because I was hoping to play it tonight and get a fair few hours in alongside Crysis and Warhead but alas looks like it will come out too close to Far Cry 2 for me to truly enjoy it.


Sunday, 14 September 2008

A bargain... on Steam!

Well you can now get quite a few bargains on Steam now. EA seemingly are introducing some of their games starting with Crysis and Crysis Warhead both in a package for $79.98 which works out about the same price as buying the disk in the shops. They are also releasing The Witcher: Enhanced Edition this month for an unknown price at the time of writing this article.

Amongst all that there are still the multitude of older games getting released slowly via steam and this month we have also seen the release of Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures for $59.99 which again is about the same price in the shops if not a little higher due to the exchange rate being worse than before.

There is a really good bargain available though. This happens to be the upcoming Multiwinia which you can get for a mere $19.99 and you also get Darwinia for free! Talk about a deal.

This leads onto the exchange rate situation. We have thus far seen the exchange rate for US Dollars to British Pounds slip and if this continues it makes me wonder if it will affect the sales on Steam for the British and indeed the rest of Europe. After all people buy from there now due to it working out so cheap yet if the exchange rate were to get gradually worse then it would be cheaper to buy from stores or online.

It makes you wonder if Valve will reduce the price of games on Steam for European users thus making the same amount of sales or whether they will keep it at the same prices. In this situation, only time will tell.

Well that is all for now and until next time!