Sunday, 21 December 2008

A World of My Own Public Beta Released

Well CVG just reported that the A World of My Own (AWOMO) Public Beta has just been released in the past couple of days. This is potentially quite exciting news but there are a few things which have changed since they seemingly dissapeared from the web a couple of months back.

They orginally were intending on releasing this platform with it's high speed download for games and the innovative feature of a 3D avatar world where you could meet and socialize with other gamers. This was a brilliant idea and recently we have seen the Home Beta come out for the PS3 which show cases the same kind of thing.

After all these months of no news from the AWOMO team they have come up with this beta but no 3D world on release however they do state that they will be adding this in a future update. Presumably before the platform gets the full go ahead. Currently they are offering Rome Total War to play for free and state that you could "get Rome: Total War in as little as 5 minutes"! This is pretty amazing but obviously it would depend on your connection speed but non the less impressive.

Not sure how this platform will do in the beginning as it has the potential to become quite big and perhaps compete with Steam but in its current state and without the release of their 3D world I suspect that this will be another platform which will be under Steam. If they can get the 3D world and implement it without any problems I can see this platform potentially taking off rather well. Not many places where you can meet and greet people with 3D Avatars whilst your game downloads with lighting speed.

Well time will tell and I shall be keeping you posted on updates to the platform.

"I'm still in 2D, what the heck is 3D?"

Phase Two - Layout and Colour Changes - Complete

You may notice a huge difference to both my blog and You Tube channel (AJB123644) in the form of a re-design. I has orginally done a very odd scheme for the You Tube channel which was not really that pleasing on the eyes so I have changed it in light of a upcoming announcement in the New Year.

Hopefully the new colour scheme of which are both on my You Tube channel will be a lot more user friendly and be more appealing to all you visitors out there!

With regards to Phase 3 which is now what I am classing as the final transfer of all You Tube videos to my main channel. This has been delayed due to unforeseen circumstances and will be merging the musicajb123644 channel over the next fortnight.

Upgrade near completion

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Phase One Complete

As it says in the title of this blog post phase one is now complete of my You Tube Channel merger.

After some hard thinking I have decided that having three seperate You Tube channels made life too complicated and meant clicking on far too many links in order to see the different range of videos I have on offer at the minute. Now you will be able to view all my videos that were on the GuruAJB123644 You Tube channel on the AJB123644 Channel. With them all eventually being merged into one place it should make life a lot easier for all you out there to enjoy my videos in one central place.

I shall be moving the musicAJB123644 channel's videos over the next week so keep an eye out and if you are wondering where they have gone then just check out my main You Tube channel here:

That is all for now. Soon it will be Christmas but enough of that until later!


Monday, 8 December 2008

"The Land of Brothers"

I happened to be in Wales for a friend's wedding at the weekend. Nice place too and having been once to the North of Wales where by I travelled through it I found it a pleasant change of scenery to our flat landscapes. Well I say flat but in comparison to Wales it makes our various hill ranges in England look flat.

Anyway I met a few guys from the friend's wedding who are now part of his family who happened to be Welsh. Now having never really spoken to a Welshmen I was very shocked to find him and his brother (also his family) very welcoming. I tell you I have never been somewhere and had as good a conversation with someone I hardly know before. In fact I have had less interesting conversations with friends who i have known for 5 years!

Well anyway what I actually meant to point out was how deceiving little names such as 'sheep shaggers' can be for the Welsh. I can honestly say that if someone said that I would chip in something about there being more sheep in England than in Wales. This is true for as soon as you enter Wales you see no sheep and yet when you enter England you see sheep everywhere.

So that is the end of this post. Hopefully things will start to look up in Greece and these riots will get quelled quick. Seems rather messed up to be honest and not really sure why the Greek politicians are not calling in more support via their Police or Army but perhaps they do not want to escalate things too much.


Monday, 1 December 2008


Hello all!

Well I have just logged onto onto my blog after having spent a little while away from it to find this new feature they are providing where you can vote as to what you think to the articles! Well I have added the following options for all you readers to view:

  • Cool
  • Interesting
  • Not for me

So now you can all get voting! Plus do not forget to leave comments on the articles too.

So today being the first of December that means that Christmas will be upon us in a mere 23 days!

GTA 4 ( for the pc is out on December 3rd and this looks like it is going to be a real treat. Will it really be worth the wait though? Only time will tell! Looks like it could be good to finally get our hands on this award winning game.

The majority of the major games scheduled for this year have been released now but it looks like we will be getting a few huge treats next year. Will come back to that in the before New Year blog post.

Wow it has gotten cold out. Maybe even a white Christmas is in order this year. Or not, we seemingly have not had one for so many years in England (unless you happen to be on a mountain top Christmas day but then that would hardly be fun would it?).

Take care