Monday, 1 December 2008


Hello all!

Well I have just logged onto onto my blog after having spent a little while away from it to find this new feature they are providing where you can vote as to what you think to the articles! Well I have added the following options for all you readers to view:

  • Cool
  • Interesting
  • Not for me

So now you can all get voting! Plus do not forget to leave comments on the articles too.

So today being the first of December that means that Christmas will be upon us in a mere 23 days!

GTA 4 ( for the pc is out on December 3rd and this looks like it is going to be a real treat. Will it really be worth the wait though? Only time will tell! Looks like it could be good to finally get our hands on this award winning game.

The majority of the major games scheduled for this year have been released now but it looks like we will be getting a few huge treats next year. Will come back to that in the before New Year blog post.

Wow it has gotten cold out. Maybe even a white Christmas is in order this year. Or not, we seemingly have not had one for so many years in England (unless you happen to be on a mountain top Christmas day but then that would hardly be fun would it?).

Take care


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