Sunday, 21 December 2008

A World of My Own Public Beta Released

Well CVG just reported that the A World of My Own (AWOMO) Public Beta has just been released in the past couple of days. This is potentially quite exciting news but there are a few things which have changed since they seemingly dissapeared from the web a couple of months back.

They orginally were intending on releasing this platform with it's high speed download for games and the innovative feature of a 3D avatar world where you could meet and socialize with other gamers. This was a brilliant idea and recently we have seen the Home Beta come out for the PS3 which show cases the same kind of thing.

After all these months of no news from the AWOMO team they have come up with this beta but no 3D world on release however they do state that they will be adding this in a future update. Presumably before the platform gets the full go ahead. Currently they are offering Rome Total War to play for free and state that you could "get Rome: Total War in as little as 5 minutes"! This is pretty amazing but obviously it would depend on your connection speed but non the less impressive.

Not sure how this platform will do in the beginning as it has the potential to become quite big and perhaps compete with Steam but in its current state and without the release of their 3D world I suspect that this will be another platform which will be under Steam. If they can get the 3D world and implement it without any problems I can see this platform potentially taking off rather well. Not many places where you can meet and greet people with 3D Avatars whilst your game downloads with lighting speed.

Well time will tell and I shall be keeping you posted on updates to the platform.

"I'm still in 2D, what the heck is 3D?"

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