Monday, 8 December 2008

"The Land of Brothers"

I happened to be in Wales for a friend's wedding at the weekend. Nice place too and having been once to the North of Wales where by I travelled through it I found it a pleasant change of scenery to our flat landscapes. Well I say flat but in comparison to Wales it makes our various hill ranges in England look flat.

Anyway I met a few guys from the friend's wedding who are now part of his family who happened to be Welsh. Now having never really spoken to a Welshmen I was very shocked to find him and his brother (also his family) very welcoming. I tell you I have never been somewhere and had as good a conversation with someone I hardly know before. In fact I have had less interesting conversations with friends who i have known for 5 years!

Well anyway what I actually meant to point out was how deceiving little names such as 'sheep shaggers' can be for the Welsh. I can honestly say that if someone said that I would chip in something about there being more sheep in England than in Wales. This is true for as soon as you enter Wales you see no sheep and yet when you enter England you see sheep everywhere.

So that is the end of this post. Hopefully things will start to look up in Greece and these riots will get quelled quick. Seems rather messed up to be honest and not really sure why the Greek politicians are not calling in more support via their Police or Army but perhaps they do not want to escalate things too much.


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