Sunday, 14 December 2008

Phase One Complete

As it says in the title of this blog post phase one is now complete of my You Tube Channel merger.

After some hard thinking I have decided that having three seperate You Tube channels made life too complicated and meant clicking on far too many links in order to see the different range of videos I have on offer at the minute. Now you will be able to view all my videos that were on the GuruAJB123644 You Tube channel on the AJB123644 Channel. With them all eventually being merged into one place it should make life a lot easier for all you out there to enjoy my videos in one central place.

I shall be moving the musicAJB123644 channel's videos over the next week so keep an eye out and if you are wondering where they have gone then just check out my main You Tube channel here:

That is all for now. Soon it will be Christmas but enough of that until later!


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