Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Another Website Added to The AJB123644 Project

I have finally signed up to Wordpress. I shall be using that site as a website for the time being and you will also be able to view all of my blogs etc on there too. It will basically be the main 'hub' for everything I do within the Network.

I have now also decided to call this the AJB123644 Project. Seeing as there are a few sites up and running now I thought maybe it was time for a collective name/term to be used and so came up with that while on my Wordpress site easily viewed here. It is still under construction but it should hopefully have a few more pages added to it soon (ish)!

In other news the colour scheme on here and on my Youtube accounts will be changing shortly to make everything a little more user friendly and easy on the eyes.


Monday, 28 April 2008

The long awaited TF2 update is nearly upon us!!!

So after having waited for well over a month now after Valve told us the original release date was to be sometime in March and now it has fallen back to the week of the beginnind of May.

Well hopefully this means that it will not be too much of a dissapointed, saying that Valve never delivers anything on time but when it does get delivered we know for sure that it is going to be one of the best things to happen since, well sliced bread!

Haha. Yes this is going to be yet another big update from Valve however we have not been told yet as to whether this update will be bigger than the last update which was released by Valve not so long ago.
I do however have a feeling that it will be, after all it will have around 40 new achievements, new weapons to unlock and a new, huge map. Wow what a mouthful!

Anyway seeing as the update has been promised by Steam to come out this week I took the liberty of taking two screenshots to show everyone that it is to be released this week and that basically if Valve go back on their word we have evidence to prove otherwise!

Anyway here are the two screens:

Team Fortress 2 Steam Update News

Team Fortress 2 Steam Update News

Will keep you posted,


Monday, 21 April 2008

Who has the better informant?

While on PC Gamer's website the other day I noticed this article (can be viewed here) having seen it regarding Team Fortress 2.

I actually nearly fell off my chair with laughter because to my amazement I had actually reported on the preview for the new Goldrush map 5 days before they had! They previewed it on "Thursday 17-Apr-2008 11:12 AM" and I posted my preview notice with a lot better explanation than them on "Sunday, 13 April 2008".

Wow that just shows how good my information is and just how much you should really pop back here to see what is going on!


Sunday, 13 April 2008

Team Fortress 2 - Goldrush Preview - Courtesy of GameTrailers.

I was surfing through You Tube looking for help on how to make Team Fortress 2 maps when all of a sudden I saw this video stating that it is a preview for Goldrush. So intrigued I have a look and wow. It looks amazing and it does not look anything like the community made it so this could be the first real preview that we have of Goldrush!

It was actually added on March 17th 2008 on this
guy's You Tube Account so it could be a little older than that however it could be good news for us Team Fortress 2 fans as maybe it will mean the next major update will be coming out soon(ish).

From what we can see in the video it looks pretty much finished however they could just be perfecting the whole Medic classes new debut for unlock weapons.

So enjoy the video (See below):

If you cannot see the video above then please click here and this link will navigate you away form this site to the video page where you can then proceed to view it.

From what you can see on the video it looks like the map will be split into different sections and run in one of two possible ways.
It could run through like Hydro or I have a feeling it will run like Dustbowl.
Although there is also the possibility that the map could just run on one whole turn which is likely as the video does not pause to change into another map. But if it does run like that it is going to be one hell of a big map. Could be a very long map indeed.

Dustbowl seems to be more of a realistic run because it looks like the map is aimed at the attackers trying to get past the defence like in Dustbowl where you have the map split up into sections and you progressively get closer to the final target much like this.

It also looks, but there is no definite suggestion, that there will be multiple routes for the cart to go on. Now how these will work it is unknown and not made very clear on the video.

Another key feature are the control points where it looks like you will have to get the cart to in order to get to the next stage. This could possibly mean that the opposing team will be able to push back the cart as well but again there is nothing to suggest this.

Well I shall update more on Goldrush if any more news comes out before the release and it looks like it could be one hell of a release.


With thanks to Gametrailers and also kocha65900 for providing the video.

Saturday, 12 April 2008

J-Server Custom Map Test - 11/04/2008 (GuruAJB123644).

Last night (11/04/2008) a whole load of us piled onto the Java Server on Team Fortress 2 so that we could all have a quick bash on some custom maps that had been created by members of the server.

So having decided to record footage of the evening I have somehow aquired 20 gigs worth of video that I shall be sifting through tomorrow and then uploading onto You Tube tomorrow (hopefully).

Plus I have now also joined www.photobucket.com so you will be seeing a lot more images on the Blog from now on!

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Blog Campaign 27/03/2008

Well I have decided to do start every so often doing campaigns for my blog so that it will make people more aware of this. So I have created a video for all of my accounts.

The video can be viewed at all of the following locations:

The video shall shortly be posted onto www.metacafe.com once my PC Screen gets fixed and I get it back so that I can actually use my own PC where the files are stored.

Here is the campaign Video:


Poll - Do you think it is a good idea to do written reviews?

The poll for 'Do you think it is a good idea to do written reviews?' has now ended and the results are as follows:

Yes but do not continue with video reviews
0 (0%)
No but continue doing the video reviews
0 (0%)
Yes and continue to do the video reviews
1 (100%)

1 vote was all I got from this poll. However as much as this is disappointing I need to look forward to future polls etc where hopefully more people will be voting in them so that we can eventually get a little community involved in everything I do.