Sunday, 13 April 2008

Team Fortress 2 - Goldrush Preview - Courtesy of GameTrailers.

I was surfing through You Tube looking for help on how to make Team Fortress 2 maps when all of a sudden I saw this video stating that it is a preview for Goldrush. So intrigued I have a look and wow. It looks amazing and it does not look anything like the community made it so this could be the first real preview that we have of Goldrush!

It was actually added on March 17th 2008 on this
guy's You Tube Account so it could be a little older than that however it could be good news for us Team Fortress 2 fans as maybe it will mean the next major update will be coming out soon(ish).

From what we can see in the video it looks pretty much finished however they could just be perfecting the whole Medic classes new debut for unlock weapons.

So enjoy the video (See below):

If you cannot see the video above then please click here and this link will navigate you away form this site to the video page where you can then proceed to view it.

From what you can see on the video it looks like the map will be split into different sections and run in one of two possible ways.
It could run through like Hydro or I have a feeling it will run like Dustbowl.
Although there is also the possibility that the map could just run on one whole turn which is likely as the video does not pause to change into another map. But if it does run like that it is going to be one hell of a big map. Could be a very long map indeed.

Dustbowl seems to be more of a realistic run because it looks like the map is aimed at the attackers trying to get past the defence like in Dustbowl where you have the map split up into sections and you progressively get closer to the final target much like this.

It also looks, but there is no definite suggestion, that there will be multiple routes for the cart to go on. Now how these will work it is unknown and not made very clear on the video.

Another key feature are the control points where it looks like you will have to get the cart to in order to get to the next stage. This could possibly mean that the opposing team will be able to push back the cart as well but again there is nothing to suggest this.

Well I shall update more on Goldrush if any more news comes out before the release and it looks like it could be one hell of a release.


With thanks to Gametrailers and also kocha65900 for providing the video.

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