Sunday, 21 December 2008

A World of My Own Public Beta Released

Well CVG just reported that the A World of My Own (AWOMO) Public Beta has just been released in the past couple of days. This is potentially quite exciting news but there are a few things which have changed since they seemingly dissapeared from the web a couple of months back.

They orginally were intending on releasing this platform with it's high speed download for games and the innovative feature of a 3D avatar world where you could meet and socialize with other gamers. This was a brilliant idea and recently we have seen the Home Beta come out for the PS3 which show cases the same kind of thing.

After all these months of no news from the AWOMO team they have come up with this beta but no 3D world on release however they do state that they will be adding this in a future update. Presumably before the platform gets the full go ahead. Currently they are offering Rome Total War to play for free and state that you could "get Rome: Total War in as little as 5 minutes"! This is pretty amazing but obviously it would depend on your connection speed but non the less impressive.

Not sure how this platform will do in the beginning as it has the potential to become quite big and perhaps compete with Steam but in its current state and without the release of their 3D world I suspect that this will be another platform which will be under Steam. If they can get the 3D world and implement it without any problems I can see this platform potentially taking off rather well. Not many places where you can meet and greet people with 3D Avatars whilst your game downloads with lighting speed.

Well time will tell and I shall be keeping you posted on updates to the platform.

"I'm still in 2D, what the heck is 3D?"

Phase Two - Layout and Colour Changes - Complete

You may notice a huge difference to both my blog and You Tube channel (AJB123644) in the form of a re-design. I has orginally done a very odd scheme for the You Tube channel which was not really that pleasing on the eyes so I have changed it in light of a upcoming announcement in the New Year.

Hopefully the new colour scheme of which are both on my You Tube channel will be a lot more user friendly and be more appealing to all you visitors out there!

With regards to Phase 3 which is now what I am classing as the final transfer of all You Tube videos to my main channel. This has been delayed due to unforeseen circumstances and will be merging the musicajb123644 channel over the next fortnight.

Upgrade near completion

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Phase One Complete

As it says in the title of this blog post phase one is now complete of my You Tube Channel merger.

After some hard thinking I have decided that having three seperate You Tube channels made life too complicated and meant clicking on far too many links in order to see the different range of videos I have on offer at the minute. Now you will be able to view all my videos that were on the GuruAJB123644 You Tube channel on the AJB123644 Channel. With them all eventually being merged into one place it should make life a lot easier for all you out there to enjoy my videos in one central place.

I shall be moving the musicAJB123644 channel's videos over the next week so keep an eye out and if you are wondering where they have gone then just check out my main You Tube channel here:

That is all for now. Soon it will be Christmas but enough of that until later!


Monday, 8 December 2008

"The Land of Brothers"

I happened to be in Wales for a friend's wedding at the weekend. Nice place too and having been once to the North of Wales where by I travelled through it I found it a pleasant change of scenery to our flat landscapes. Well I say flat but in comparison to Wales it makes our various hill ranges in England look flat.

Anyway I met a few guys from the friend's wedding who are now part of his family who happened to be Welsh. Now having never really spoken to a Welshmen I was very shocked to find him and his brother (also his family) very welcoming. I tell you I have never been somewhere and had as good a conversation with someone I hardly know before. In fact I have had less interesting conversations with friends who i have known for 5 years!

Well anyway what I actually meant to point out was how deceiving little names such as 'sheep shaggers' can be for the Welsh. I can honestly say that if someone said that I would chip in something about there being more sheep in England than in Wales. This is true for as soon as you enter Wales you see no sheep and yet when you enter England you see sheep everywhere.

So that is the end of this post. Hopefully things will start to look up in Greece and these riots will get quelled quick. Seems rather messed up to be honest and not really sure why the Greek politicians are not calling in more support via their Police or Army but perhaps they do not want to escalate things too much.


Monday, 1 December 2008


Hello all!

Well I have just logged onto onto my blog after having spent a little while away from it to find this new feature they are providing where you can vote as to what you think to the articles! Well I have added the following options for all you readers to view:

  • Cool
  • Interesting
  • Not for me

So now you can all get voting! Plus do not forget to leave comments on the articles too.

So today being the first of December that means that Christmas will be upon us in a mere 23 days!

GTA 4 ( for the pc is out on December 3rd and this looks like it is going to be a real treat. Will it really be worth the wait though? Only time will tell! Looks like it could be good to finally get our hands on this award winning game.

The majority of the major games scheduled for this year have been released now but it looks like we will be getting a few huge treats next year. Will come back to that in the before New Year blog post.

Wow it has gotten cold out. Maybe even a white Christmas is in order this year. Or not, we seemingly have not had one for so many years in England (unless you happen to be on a mountain top Christmas day but then that would hardly be fun would it?).

Take care


Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Weapons cocked, safetys off...

This Friday we will be seeing the release of Brothers in Arms Hells Highway for the PC at long last! Hopefully this will be a moment worth waiting for and not another disappointment unlike some of the game which has so far come out this year.

While I sit here waiting for my copy of the game (which shipped yesterday from you can all be busily awaiting the release of Far Cry 2 which is shipping out in two weeks this coming Friday. This looks like a contender for game of the year and certainly looks like it could show us a thing or two about free form shooters and war! So far the development team have started to release every Friday up to launch some character bios. Check these out here!


Friday, 26 September 2008

“Gentlemen, today we will not be going to war”

Well it seems that Operation Market Garden will not be starting today, nor tomorrow for us PC Gamers because it invariably seems that they have put back the release date of Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway for the PC until 03/10/2008 according to

Ok I understand that games do have their release dates moved but this close to release? Seems a bit strange why the 360 and PS3 owners still get to go to war today while we seemingly are stuck at the Air Base waiting because our aircraft is still being fixed. Well who said the war wouldn’t wait? Seems like this time it will have to!

Well even worse news is that according to they have the release date as the 10/10/08. Two weeks today. Wow what exactly are they doing to the PC product that means it needs more time before it is released.

Well only time will tell as to what will be happening with the release date of this game. Shame because I was hoping to play it tonight and get a fair few hours in alongside Crysis and Warhead but alas looks like it will come out too close to Far Cry 2 for me to truly enjoy it.


Sunday, 14 September 2008

A bargain... on Steam!

Well you can now get quite a few bargains on Steam now. EA seemingly are introducing some of their games starting with Crysis and Crysis Warhead both in a package for $79.98 which works out about the same price as buying the disk in the shops. They are also releasing The Witcher: Enhanced Edition this month for an unknown price at the time of writing this article.

Amongst all that there are still the multitude of older games getting released slowly via steam and this month we have also seen the release of Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures for $59.99 which again is about the same price in the shops if not a little higher due to the exchange rate being worse than before.

There is a really good bargain available though. This happens to be the upcoming Multiwinia which you can get for a mere $19.99 and you also get Darwinia for free! Talk about a deal.

This leads onto the exchange rate situation. We have thus far seen the exchange rate for US Dollars to British Pounds slip and if this continues it makes me wonder if it will affect the sales on Steam for the British and indeed the rest of Europe. After all people buy from there now due to it working out so cheap yet if the exchange rate were to get gradually worse then it would be cheaper to buy from stores or online.

It makes you wonder if Valve will reduce the price of games on Steam for European users thus making the same amount of sales or whether they will keep it at the same prices. In this situation, only time will tell.

Well that is all for now and until next time!


Tuesday, 12 August 2008

My 'Heavy' Heart...

Valve have announced yet another major update coming to Team Fortress 2. This time round they shall be updating the 'Heavy' Class in what they are claiming to be the biggest update yet (yes even bigger than the pyro one!).

This new update will feature three new unlockable weapons for the Heavy, 35 Achievements, a new game mode, a new Payload map and finally another community made map. Phew, what a long list!

This could be an amazingly good update for Team Fortress 2 and more information can be found at the Official Team Fortress 2 Blog or by visiting this 'day by day unlock' Heavy website where every day up until next Tuesday (the release of the Heavy update) you will be able to see the new updates features being unfolded!

As for the reason behind my 'Heavy' heart this is due to the fact that from Thursday evening I shall be going away on holiday to France until the 24th (My Birthday!!). So I think we can officially blame the French for making me miss this amazing update ;)

Hopefully I should be able to post another blog before I go but if not I shall write when I get back from France!


Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Is Lincoln Starting to Attract the Wealthy?

I just saw a Ford Mustang this morning on my way into work from the car park. What a sight to see. Amazing car but then it struck me. What the hell is it doing in Lincoln? Not very often you see a Jaguar let alone a Mustang.

Then I remembered that I saw an Aston Martin DB9 last Friday. That itself is another nice car but the costs of buying these cars is immense so what is happening? Is Lincoln finally starting to attract some more Wealthy people. I mean in times like these would you own a Ford Mustang with the petrol costs etc?

So I have decided to do some research as to how much these cars cost to buy and came up with the following. Just to compare prices I have also added in the cost of buying the Jaguar X-Type S (the most basic version of the X-Type):

· Ford Mustang - $20,000 works out at around £10,000.
· Jaguar X-type – £21,500.
· Aston Martin DB9 V12 Coupe - £110,850

Ok so we can see here that the Mustang doesn’t cost as much as we think but the fuel that it uses must cost a lot. The DB9 however costs 10 times the Ford Mustang, so really, what is a DB9 doing in Lincoln?


Wednesday, 2 July 2008

The AAA Partnership Website to go Live...

…On this Friday, 4th July 2008, at 20:00 hours (8:00pm GMT) at the following web address:

To celebrate we shall be hosting a Party in our Steam Group Chat so why not pop along and meet the people behind The AAA Partnership and take a look at our shiny new website while you are at it too?

I look forward to seeing you all there!


Friday, 27 June 2008

British Troops on Standby for Zimbabwe

I have just heard from a colleague that someone she knows in the RAF has just been put on a 14 day standby to be shipped out to Zimbabwe. Presumably to stop President Mugabe. Not heard much else on the subject however I shall be doing some more research into this and seeing what comes up on the internet.

I personally think if we decide to go to war with yet another country we will yet again be involved in another fight and do we really have the manpower or resources to cover another war, especially with the state of our economy? If they say it will be a quick operation they are wrong. Iraq was supposed to be quick and yet after all this time we are still out there.

The opposition in Zimbabwe will stretch our forces even more due to them having a properly trained army unlike the insurgents in Afghanistan or Iraq.

So will we jump in with two feet again and struggle to pull ourselves out by messing with affairs that don’t really concern us? In fact when the crisis with Tibet happened we had mass people trying to extinguish the Olympic Torch, why did we not say we were going to war? Perhaps because China is an upcoming superpower and to go to war with them would be chaos. So we decide to go to war against a country which no one is moaning about, no protesters taking the streets just oh we shall go and possibly attack them.

I think a saying will come in well at this point: "Be it on their heads". I cannot imagine the US getting too involved either due to the Presidential Elections going on soon.

More information hopefully coming soon!


Saturday, 21 June 2008

Major Update and Regular Posts Update!

Pretty soon there will be a huge change to the way things will be working which will include a lot of new posts and reviews etc.

Until about July or August time when these will be going 'live' I shall not be posting as often on here as I have been although at the end of the day it will definately be worth it in the long run!


Monday, 9 June 2008

Update for Wordpress 09/06/2008

I have added a new page under the Latest Videos Tab and you can now view the latest video on MusicAJB123644 on Youtube on Wordpress so go and check it out!

So far that is all I have managed to do however a huge, huge, huge update is coming very soon.


Friday, 6 June 2008

Logo in the making! Plus other news!

Well sorry I have not posted for a little while, have been really busy, and by busy I mean busy! Haha!

I am getting a logo created for me, well I say created but it is basically done, and also a banner for my Wordpress account. Soo this means that you will be able to see both once they are completely finished on all my things from now onwards. There shall be a big launch day however at some point in the near future where as well as announcing my logos etc I shall be unveiling the Competition! So you guys could say you have a lot to look forward to :D

In other news the poll has finally finished! After all that hard work running it I had four results, not bad as in previous times I was getting 1. So yeah the results are as follows:

Do you like the new Colour Scheme?

Yes: 2 Votes (50%)
No: 1 Vote (25%)
Undecided: 1 Vote (25%)

More about the Competition will be coming soon, this is actually proving harder to think of than I last expected. So please stay tuned and I will stay true with my word, it was not a lie :)

Thanks for your patience with that anyway,


Thursday, 22 May 2008

BMF Tailend

I mentioned in my last post that I had been to the BMF show last weekend and I decided over the weekend that I could have done a couple of items about it all or rather just talked about what was there.

I was rather disappointed that I did not take anything with me to be able to do anything with however in September at the Tailend BMF I shall definitely be doing it! So be prepared to see a couple of videos and pictures coming up as well as a write up in September!

So keep your eyes peeled ;)


Wednesday, 21 May 2008


Just come back watching Doomsday at the cinema. Wow what can I say? It is an amazing film to say the least.

One of the few films out there that actually has action round every corner and the story is simple enough to keep along and still enjoy the action. The ending is rather good with the cliff hanger they leave which makes you hungry for more!

So would I recommend this to people? Of course I would! Get out there and watch it god damn it!

P.S I would do a larger review however I am short for time due to going away at the weekend and also being at the BMF last weekend. That by the way was awesome too! Hopefully in the future I should get more time to Blog and then that will mean a few more reviews of films etc coming your way!


Friday, 16 May 2008

New Page on Wordpress!

I have created a new page on Wordpress for competitions I shall be holding.

The first competition shall be coming out soon and the basic details are already on the site so why not go and take a look, it might even encourage you to enter in it! Just make sure you keep coming back and checking for the updates on the competition as pretty soon you will be able to know what the rules of the competition are and also what it will be about!

So what are you waiting for? Click here today to be in with chance of winning!


Saturday, 10 May 2008

Update on Wordpress

I have just finished a new page for Wordpress. This can be accessed by clicking the link in the bar at the top of the page underneath the image.

This new page has all of the latest videos on it from my Youtube accounts, so please enjoy.

I must warn you though that it is not quite finished yet as there is still another two sub pages for GuruAJB123644 and MusicAJB123644 to go on there however I shall update you when these are finished.


Friday, 2 May 2008

New Decor!

I have updated the decor for the blog so hopefully it should be a little bit more user friendly and easy to read from now onwards!

How ever if anyone does have any problems reading it please let me know.

I have also posted another Poll so you can vote as to whether you like the new colour scheme!

Stay Tuned,


Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Another Website Added to The AJB123644 Project

I have finally signed up to Wordpress. I shall be using that site as a website for the time being and you will also be able to view all of my blogs etc on there too. It will basically be the main 'hub' for everything I do within the Network.

I have now also decided to call this the AJB123644 Project. Seeing as there are a few sites up and running now I thought maybe it was time for a collective name/term to be used and so came up with that while on my Wordpress site easily viewed here. It is still under construction but it should hopefully have a few more pages added to it soon (ish)!

In other news the colour scheme on here and on my Youtube accounts will be changing shortly to make everything a little more user friendly and easy on the eyes.


Monday, 28 April 2008

The long awaited TF2 update is nearly upon us!!!

So after having waited for well over a month now after Valve told us the original release date was to be sometime in March and now it has fallen back to the week of the beginnind of May.

Well hopefully this means that it will not be too much of a dissapointed, saying that Valve never delivers anything on time but when it does get delivered we know for sure that it is going to be one of the best things to happen since, well sliced bread!

Haha. Yes this is going to be yet another big update from Valve however we have not been told yet as to whether this update will be bigger than the last update which was released by Valve not so long ago.
I do however have a feeling that it will be, after all it will have around 40 new achievements, new weapons to unlock and a new, huge map. Wow what a mouthful!

Anyway seeing as the update has been promised by Steam to come out this week I took the liberty of taking two screenshots to show everyone that it is to be released this week and that basically if Valve go back on their word we have evidence to prove otherwise!

Anyway here are the two screens:

Team Fortress 2 Steam Update News

Team Fortress 2 Steam Update News

Will keep you posted,


Monday, 21 April 2008

Who has the better informant?

While on PC Gamer's website the other day I noticed this article (can be viewed here) having seen it regarding Team Fortress 2.

I actually nearly fell off my chair with laughter because to my amazement I had actually reported on the preview for the new Goldrush map 5 days before they had! They previewed it on "Thursday 17-Apr-2008 11:12 AM" and I posted my preview notice with a lot better explanation than them on "Sunday, 13 April 2008".

Wow that just shows how good my information is and just how much you should really pop back here to see what is going on!


Sunday, 13 April 2008

Team Fortress 2 - Goldrush Preview - Courtesy of GameTrailers.

I was surfing through You Tube looking for help on how to make Team Fortress 2 maps when all of a sudden I saw this video stating that it is a preview for Goldrush. So intrigued I have a look and wow. It looks amazing and it does not look anything like the community made it so this could be the first real preview that we have of Goldrush!

It was actually added on March 17th 2008 on this
guy's You Tube Account so it could be a little older than that however it could be good news for us Team Fortress 2 fans as maybe it will mean the next major update will be coming out soon(ish).

From what we can see in the video it looks pretty much finished however they could just be perfecting the whole Medic classes new debut for unlock weapons.

So enjoy the video (See below):

If you cannot see the video above then please click here and this link will navigate you away form this site to the video page where you can then proceed to view it.

From what you can see on the video it looks like the map will be split into different sections and run in one of two possible ways.
It could run through like Hydro or I have a feeling it will run like Dustbowl.
Although there is also the possibility that the map could just run on one whole turn which is likely as the video does not pause to change into another map. But if it does run like that it is going to be one hell of a big map. Could be a very long map indeed.

Dustbowl seems to be more of a realistic run because it looks like the map is aimed at the attackers trying to get past the defence like in Dustbowl where you have the map split up into sections and you progressively get closer to the final target much like this.

It also looks, but there is no definite suggestion, that there will be multiple routes for the cart to go on. Now how these will work it is unknown and not made very clear on the video.

Another key feature are the control points where it looks like you will have to get the cart to in order to get to the next stage. This could possibly mean that the opposing team will be able to push back the cart as well but again there is nothing to suggest this.

Well I shall update more on Goldrush if any more news comes out before the release and it looks like it could be one hell of a release.


With thanks to Gametrailers and also kocha65900 for providing the video.

Saturday, 12 April 2008

J-Server Custom Map Test - 11/04/2008 (GuruAJB123644).

Last night (11/04/2008) a whole load of us piled onto the Java Server on Team Fortress 2 so that we could all have a quick bash on some custom maps that had been created by members of the server.

So having decided to record footage of the evening I have somehow aquired 20 gigs worth of video that I shall be sifting through tomorrow and then uploading onto You Tube tomorrow (hopefully).

Plus I have now also joined so you will be seeing a lot more images on the Blog from now on!

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Blog Campaign 27/03/2008

Well I have decided to do start every so often doing campaigns for my blog so that it will make people more aware of this. So I have created a video for all of my accounts.

The video can be viewed at all of the following locations:

The video shall shortly be posted onto once my PC Screen gets fixed and I get it back so that I can actually use my own PC where the files are stored.

Here is the campaign Video:


Poll - Do you think it is a good idea to do written reviews?

The poll for 'Do you think it is a good idea to do written reviews?' has now ended and the results are as follows:

Yes but do not continue with video reviews
0 (0%)
No but continue doing the video reviews
0 (0%)
Yes and continue to do the video reviews
1 (100%)

1 vote was all I got from this poll. However as much as this is disappointing I need to look forward to future polls etc where hopefully more people will be voting in them so that we can eventually get a little community involved in everything I do.


Wednesday, 19 March 2008

10,000 BC


This review has been stalled for the time being.

This review shall come out in the near future. Please keep coming back for more information.


Sunday, 16 March 2008

Waterstones Book Reviews

Well a few months ago I did a review on the Waterstone website for the book 'Sky Masters' by Dale Brown.

Now I also did a video review on the book which can be viewed here. As I do not always get time to make the videos and so do the reviews I thought that it would be a good idea to start writing them and also doing video reviews once I get the time to do so.

Anyway so here is my review that I put on Waterstones:

This book really draws you into the story and at times you just cannot bare to put the book down due to the excitement and action in the story line being too much to want to wait until the next time you can read it again.
Dale Brown has used a lot of military terms which are effective in making you feel a lot closer to the action and these probably stem from his career in the US Air Force.
If however you do not know what the terms mean he has provided a very helpful glossary which can be found at the beginning of the book and explains everything.
The tension between China and the US has raised after China laid claim to a long contested island and because of this they decimated a Phillipine Oil Platform. The Phillipines responded by sending warships and the Chinese Navy launched a tactical nuclear weapon claiming it to be 'self defense'.
The US is forced to step in after recently pulling out of the Phillipine Island's and try to put the power of the Island's back into Phillipine control.
The book is also centered around Lieutenant Patrick McLanahan who has the chance to fly a new high-tech B2 bomber. You may recognise Patrick from other books by Dale Brown.

You can also view it on waterstones by clicking on here.

I have also decided to add another poll to see whether you like this new idea (basically it will mean me being able to write to my blog more often) or whether I should just keep up with the video reviews.

As well as that poll I shall be putting up another one about whether reviewing books on Waterstones is also a good idea or not.

I shall be getting a campaign going on my You Tube accounts for my blog shortly. Hopefully these will materialise in the next few weeks. I shall be posting those on here as well anyway.

Until next time.


Monday, 11 February 2008

It is closed!

Yes that is right the voting has now closed for my blog as to whether I should keep it or not.

The results were as follows:

Keep it - 50%.

Delete it - 50%.

Because of the split I shall be keeping it up and running for now and will do another vote in two months time.

Hope that is ok for everyone, if you have any queries regarding the results or anything please dont hesitate to comment on this post.


Tuesday, 5 February 2008

4 days left to vote!

Yes that is right with only 4 days left to vote as to whether I should keep the blog or not you should hurry up and vote if not done so already! With only 3 votes so far (one of which is mine) it could mean I will have to redo the poll at a different point in time.

Coming soon...

Yes a coming soon, I am going to be doign a few short videos advertising my blog and also my email address. They will be posted in due course to my various channels, that is if You Tube will work and let me upload them.

Still having problems uploading my latest video for my AJB123644 channel but am going to contact You Tube and see what they think to it.

Have not yet started on my video for DOD Source but am going to do so tomorrow night. I do have the videos prepared so it should just be a case of putting it all together and tidying it all up before I upload to You Tube (with luck it will work) and Meta Cafe.


Wednesday, 30 January 2008

More Videos... (AJB123644)

Hey there guys!

Well here is the video finally released. I mentioned a few days ago that I was having a few problems with uploading 'More Videos...' to You Tube but finally managed to do so to Metacafe!!

So here is the link to my channel on there!

I will however soon be attempting to upload the video to You Tube over the next week or so after having done these two other videos for a viewer, a very grateful one at that too!

Now below is the video you have all been waiting for!!

More Videos... - The best bloopers are a click away


Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Day Of Defeat Source Weapons Videos (GuruAJB123644)

Ok coming in the next week as requested by a fan on my channel GuruAJB123644 will be two videos, or one depends whether I get time to capturing all of the video for the second, coming out showing all of the available weapons in Day Of Defeat Source (DOD Source).

Hopefully this will give people a bit better knowledge of what the game is like.
Anyway will keep you all posted.


Monday, 28 January 2008

Problems... (AJB123644)

Well I am having a few problems with trying to upload my new video for AJB123644 on YouTube so in the next few days I will be attempting to upload to MetaCafe instead. If that goes well then I shall continue to try and upload onto YouTube. Just hopefully it will work next time!!

Also will be doing a few more short videos so you know where you can email me at on YouTube and to advertise my blog, should generate some interest!


Thursday, 24 January 2008

Coming Soon... (GuruAJB123644)

Well having just had a request put in by a viewer for guruajb123644 to make a Day Of Defeat Source video showing all of the weapons I thought that it would be a good idea to let you all know about my ideas for the video.

I am going to be doing it so I do US Army as one video and Nazis as another. It will then be split up with the guns being shown and then some footage of them in action!

Well stay tuned for those videos!


Wednesday, 23 January 2008


Welcome to my 'Blogspot'.

Well that is really just the above really.

Ok I lied, basically check out here often as from now onwards along with my videos you will be seeing more of me here as well as on my video channels so stay tuned and well be ready for some serious blogging!

One more thing here is a video from one of my channels you can watch!

Visit my You Tube channel here where you can find this video and many more!