Tuesday, 5 February 2008

4 days left to vote!

Yes that is right with only 4 days left to vote as to whether I should keep the blog or not you should hurry up and vote if not done so already! With only 3 votes so far (one of which is mine) it could mean I will have to redo the poll at a different point in time.

Coming soon...

Yes a coming soon, I am going to be doign a few short videos advertising my blog and also my email address. They will be posted in due course to my various channels, that is if You Tube will work and let me upload them.

Still having problems uploading my latest video for my AJB123644 channel but am going to contact You Tube and see what they think to it.

Have not yet started on my video for DOD Source but am going to do so tomorrow night. I do have the videos prepared so it should just be a case of putting it all together and tidying it all up before I upload to You Tube (with luck it will work) and Meta Cafe.


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