Friday, 6 June 2008

Logo in the making! Plus other news!

Well sorry I have not posted for a little while, have been really busy, and by busy I mean busy! Haha!

I am getting a logo created for me, well I say created but it is basically done, and also a banner for my Wordpress account. Soo this means that you will be able to see both once they are completely finished on all my things from now onwards. There shall be a big launch day however at some point in the near future where as well as announcing my logos etc I shall be unveiling the Competition! So you guys could say you have a lot to look forward to :D

In other news the poll has finally finished! After all that hard work running it I had four results, not bad as in previous times I was getting 1. So yeah the results are as follows:

Do you like the new Colour Scheme?

Yes: 2 Votes (50%)
No: 1 Vote (25%)
Undecided: 1 Vote (25%)

More about the Competition will be coming soon, this is actually proving harder to think of than I last expected. So please stay tuned and I will stay true with my word, it was not a lie :)

Thanks for your patience with that anyway,


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