Friday, 27 June 2008

British Troops on Standby for Zimbabwe

I have just heard from a colleague that someone she knows in the RAF has just been put on a 14 day standby to be shipped out to Zimbabwe. Presumably to stop President Mugabe. Not heard much else on the subject however I shall be doing some more research into this and seeing what comes up on the internet.

I personally think if we decide to go to war with yet another country we will yet again be involved in another fight and do we really have the manpower or resources to cover another war, especially with the state of our economy? If they say it will be a quick operation they are wrong. Iraq was supposed to be quick and yet after all this time we are still out there.

The opposition in Zimbabwe will stretch our forces even more due to them having a properly trained army unlike the insurgents in Afghanistan or Iraq.

So will we jump in with two feet again and struggle to pull ourselves out by messing with affairs that don’t really concern us? In fact when the crisis with Tibet happened we had mass people trying to extinguish the Olympic Torch, why did we not say we were going to war? Perhaps because China is an upcoming superpower and to go to war with them would be chaos. So we decide to go to war against a country which no one is moaning about, no protesters taking the streets just oh we shall go and possibly attack them.

I think a saying will come in well at this point: "Be it on their heads". I cannot imagine the US getting too involved either due to the Presidential Elections going on soon.

More information hopefully coming soon!


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