Tuesday, 12 August 2008

My 'Heavy' Heart...

Valve have announced yet another major update coming to Team Fortress 2. This time round they shall be updating the 'Heavy' Class in what they are claiming to be the biggest update yet (yes even bigger than the pyro one!).

This new update will feature three new unlockable weapons for the Heavy, 35 Achievements, a new game mode, a new Payload map and finally another community made map. Phew, what a long list!

This could be an amazingly good update for Team Fortress 2 and more information can be found at the Official Team Fortress 2 Blog or by visiting this 'day by day unlock' Heavy website where every day up until next Tuesday (the release of the Heavy update) you will be able to see the new updates features being unfolded!

As for the reason behind my 'Heavy' heart this is due to the fact that from Thursday evening I shall be going away on holiday to France until the 24th (My Birthday!!). So I think we can officially blame the French for making me miss this amazing update ;)

Hopefully I should be able to post another blog before I go but if not I shall write when I get back from France!


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