Sunday, 7 June 2009

Sorry for the lapse of posts... Plus an explanation!

Well as the title suggests I am about to make an apology for the recent lapse in posts to the blog. Looking at the last post it would seem I stopped in March. Not very good considering I said I wanted to do daily blogging however since then there has been a hell of a lot going on and from now onwards there will be the odd post (probably a big one on occasions when i do get time to blog) at least once a week. It seems taking on post as a rep for motorbike group really takes up a lot of your time as well as other issues.

Then the worst thing happened to me on Thursday last week. I was sat at my computer trying to write an application form for a job I was applying for and all of a sudden everything on the desktop and in Word freezes. Uh oh... To put it short I restarted the computer and I find my hard drive died. Great I lost the application form and everything up to the last back up I did. Oh well more of that in a article this week I hope.

So on to the other reasons for not being able to post as much as I hoped in the future. Basically The AAA Partnership is going to take priority over the next couple of months, basically throughout the summer whilst the development process once it gets started (waiting for programmes can delay things). Obviously it would make sense to make this a number one goal for you readers and new readers to the site once we have it up and running.

Well enough of all that hopefully an article or two this week on some subjects I have been meaning to write about. These being thought up rapidly since Thursday and the beginning of E3.

So stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled back for more interesting posts coming your way soon.


P.S: By soon I do actually mean soon not like 2 months from now...


M_the_C said...

That reminds me, I really should start backing up my computer...

Good to hear that you're going to continue posting, I read a lot about gaming but there are always things I either don't notice or just don't bother reading, I need a reminder every so often.

Best of luck with the new website, it's something that has always interested me but I doubt I could manage it.

AJB123644 said...

Yeah that is the subject of another post I hope to do this week haha.

Interestingly you can apparently send posts to your blog through Blogger by sms, mms or email which sounds ace. I might set it up therefore introducing blogging on the move. Plus when I a little bored at work time to update the blog haha :P

Umm quite true. I think it is a good idea, just at the minute with no pc it is rather difficult but I could sort something out to do a post once a night. Least it would help you!

Thank you. I hope it will turn out really well to be honest it is just a case of getting the software and new computer and then making a start on it. That should be a good site for you to read too!

M_the_C said...

but I could sort something out to do a post once a night.
Least it would help you!

I wasn't meaning for you to have to do that, I was just meaning the style of your previous posts, something once in a while about titles worth keeping an eye on. :)

AJB123644 said...

Oh no quite true however I must admit I did thoroughly enjoy putting them together haha!

New pc arrived today, just need them to send me an English copy of Vista instead of the French one and I should be up and running again haha!