Wednesday, 29 July 2009

David Cameron's Slip Up

So quick post today. Another huge one which I have slowly been working on tomorrow. So searching round the internet doing the usual thing I came across the hilarious news post about David Cameron swearing on live radio. Brilliant to be honest because who better to have as someone in Parliament representing us as the Public than someone as down to earth as him! Brilliant fun and another comment was made by Clarkson this week too about our PM. How he gets away with it I will never know but it seems he is the only one to actually be able to say the truth about things. Why does no one else state we have a country run by idiots? Well maybe they are afraid of the comebacks but end of the day we do. After all what other Countries have let their finances run into the red as much as ours? In fact I do say we would be declared bankrupt were we a company.

"Cameron added: "Oh, yeah, pissed, sorry about that, I'm really sorry. But he said people are pissed off with politicians, which they are. I think that is choice language well used personally, from my point of view."

The Tory leader's press secretary responds: "No, it was the twat."

Cameron pleaded: "That's not a swear word."

His press secretary replied: 'It is.'"



M_the_C said...

I see what you're doing, luring impressionable people in with promises of gaming and then converting them politically. ;)

Words change over time and I don't think twat is all that bad in it's newer meaning of 'idiot', I think it may have evolved. To be honest I think of 'pissed' as worse, but then I'm not really 'down with the kids'. Haha.

How about we make a clean sweep, prevent all current candidates from running for one term? At least we would have some different people to call idiots. ;)

AJB123644 said...

Haha well gaming news aplenty after my brief stint in Turkey. Plus still no computer for me! You would think with all this free time on my hands being jobless I would be able to manage a post a day but alas a little relaxing till after holiday may be well deserved haha.

Yeah although apparently twat is another word for a pregnant fish. Whether this still stands too I am unsure but that too is funny anyway haha.

Now that would be a brilliant idea! No more political bashing just vote some random candidates in maybe from the business world and see how a business executive could run the country in the view of it being a business.