Thursday, 19 February 2009

Boink! It's almost here!

On Tuesday Valve announced the next update for the Scout will be released next Tuesday (24th February 2009) via their Team Fortress 2 blog. As is the case with previous TF2 updates they are releasing a sneak preview of what is to come day by day until the launch.

So far they have told us about the Sandman which is a new kind of bat. This bat is pretty special and adds the ability to smack baseballs at the enemy team which in turn he gets stunned however the drawback is that you cannot double jump whilst this is being used.

Wednesday (yesterday) they announced the release of another two community maps. One being a new Arena map called Watchtower which basically is high up combat and with a lot of sniping potential, something which is lacking in the other Arena maps. The second community made map is to be a Control Point map and is based around sharop corners and short lines of sight. Both of these maps should be interesting to play.

Today Valve have announced the 'Bonk' Energy Drink and a list of the names of the 35 new achievements for the Scout. The Energy Drink will give you a few second rush of energy. Presumably by energy they mean speed. Again another interesting weapon.

So far it looks like the new Scout update will change the way the Scout is to be played entirely. By introducing a long range weapon it could make the matches interesting and by stunning people even more so. The rest of the updates we can expect to see will most likely involve a new game mode which Valve have promised us.

Tonight I have a little story for you all. I was on my way to my guitar lesson tonight when all of a sudden the motorbike broke down a mile from home. Deciding it was not worth the hassle of calling out recovery I decided to push it home. I must say it was rather amusing but ultimately it is a good work out. If you wish to get fit I would recommend pushing a 120kg motorbike plus fuel!



M_the_C said...

That's what Nintendo should do, forget the Wii balance board, just give everyone broken motorbikes to push around.

As for TF2, things should be interesting. Sure there are going to be thousands of Scouts, but as a Pyro, I like that. :D

AJB123644 said...

Hahaha that would make endless possibilties haha!

Yeah I was thinking that too. Hate these update days as everyone plays the one class but it makes mince meat for pyros and heavies haha!