Saturday, 21 February 2009

Codies Friday Frenzy!

Yesterday Codemasters had a huge release day for new screenshots and videos for various games coming up in the next few months. Considering we have so far for all the releases had very little in the form of media up until yesterday it seemed like it was a good day to be releasing everything and with the games coming out between now and the end of summer this year things are looking set to be a good summer. I say shut out the sunlight and turn on that PC or console. So let's take a look at some of the games coming out from Codemasters this summer.

For the official Codemasters web pages for the games please click on the game name to go there.

Overlord 2:

Codemasters have released a trailer and a bunch of screenshots for the sequel to Overlord which came out in 2007. This time round it sees you taking control of a new Overlord commanding an army of even more powerful minions. You are taking on the might of the Glorious Empire. A Roman styled faction.

The trailer is available to view here on the CVG website along with the new screenshots. The trailer looks pretty good and it looks like once again you will be causing a lot of mayhem. Overlord 2 is set to be released in June this year.

Jumpgate Evolution:

New trailer out for this space MMO along with more screenshots of the game. This is set to be different to Eve Online in the way that it is a lot more simplistic. You control your ship in real time much like a driving game. It is in effect designed to have the FPS characteristics of a shooting game but set in an MMO universe. This looks set to be ery exciting indeed but as to whether it will be able to compete with Eve Online only time will tell although there should be no real problem there as Eve Online is a highly complex game when compared to other MMO's on the market.

Jumpgate Evolution is set to be released in June this year. You can view the trailer and screenshots here.

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising:

Sequel to Operation Flashpoint this is set to go up against Arma 2 this year which in itself be interesting to see how the two games compare and as to which one will come out on top. Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is a military conflict simulator which Codemasters have enabled to be as sandbox a game as possible. You can choose from many different roles to play in the Modern US Army which is the faction you will be playing for in the game where you are assaulting an island held by the Chinese.

They have made this game incredibly detailed. The trailer shows you the lighting effects, the character models and the day/night cycle and it looks really impressive. This is one game not to miss if you are into Military Combat Simulaters.

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is going to be an intense shooter but as to how well it will perform when it compares to Arma 2 we will only have to wait and see.

New trailer has been released along with screenshots and these can be viewed here and is due for release in March this year.


This 5000 square mile open racing game is set to create a unique driving experience like no other. No other game has tried to create such a large environment and on top of all of that they even have real time weather effects which can and will affect the way you race!

I did more on the game in a previous post which can be read here.

They have released a new trailer not long after having released one a few weeks back along with more screenshots. The details again look brilliant and with a draw distance of 40km this should be breathtaking. View the trailer and screenshots here with the game due to be released in May this year.

In all looks like Codemasters have a pretty good line up of games due to be released over the summer which might I add is a brilliant time to release as so few new games are coming out at this time of year. Codemasters have thus far delivered well with games such as Racedriver Grid and hopefully these releases will rocket Codemasters into a league of its own and with the quality a gamer wants.



M_the_C said...

Overlord 2 looks a lot like the original. I hope they change the main flaw with the first, proper morality. I didn't get the first in the end, I might do one day but this one looks a little disappointing.

I don't play MMOs, I feel that it restricts my time too much, plus the monthly fee. ;) There aren't enough space MMOs out at the moment, I remember a few years ago there were at least two others, now it just seems like EVE is the only option. It will be good to get another game out, but I'm more interested in Infinity.

As you say it should be interesting when ARMA2 and OP2 are released. I played the demo of ARMA and thought it had good scope, but was to unwieldy. If one of these two can offer a better control system I would be very happy.

I'm not into driving games really, too much time spent shaving a millisecond off a lap and less focus on the fun of driving. However the free-roaming of FUEL could be a lot of fun. A lot will depend upon the maps, if they make a too definite route then it will just be like any other driving game.

AJB123644 said...

Yeah have not played the first one but apparently it was a lot of fun. Not sure how well it did on the story side though.

Infinity? Think this might be one I have not heard of before...
I like MMO's, love playing online with other people and progressing online in something. Played WOW before I started recently on Eve and must say I much prefer Eve even though WOW seemed to be a lot more player friendly in getting to know people from the start.

With the Star Trek MMO coming out next year too not sure whether there will be too many MMO's out there let alone space ones.

Yes apparently Arma was not so good in the beginning but when it was patched up etc it turned out to be very good. Not sure on the first Operation Flashpoint but I will not judge the two coming games on those as it seems like the two developers have progressed with themselves so much since the originals.

Yeah I found that at first and still do in some ways when playing Grid but I just sit back and relax now. Grid is an excellant example because the mechanics of the game make it very enjoyable to play and Burnout Paradise is just awesome.

Fuel by the way is about as linear as GTA 4. A huge sandbox game apparently where you can choose your route etc. Should be fun as it seems like if you can see it you can get to it or that sort of game.

M_the_C said...

This is Infinitys website:

The main draw is the amazing engine it will have.

About FUEL; I was just meaning that they could create 'go-anywhere' maps that have a certain route that's best. If that happened then it wouldn't matter that you could go anywhere, as there would be no point. Hopefully though it will live up to the hype and you truly will be able to choose your own route.

AJB123644 said...

Wow that does look like quite something. Looks good how you will be able to land on the planets etc, something not many Space MMOs achieve. Will be good to see when they hope to release it.

Ahh yeah that makes sense. As the game is set in a world where you actually travel to the races it seems like you will be able to make your own choices. As to how much like you say not sure on. Will definately be interesting to see how much it lives up to the hype.