Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Modern Warfare 2 needs you!

Recently Infinity Ward, the developers of the highly successful Call of Duty 2 and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare launched their Twitter page. So today they have asked people the following:

"Name one thing you'd like to see in Modern Warfare 2?"

Seems like they really want to get Modern Warfare the best they can this year and with the previous statement saying that this is "to be a very exciting year for the franchise as we expect this year's launch is likely going to be the most anticipated title of all of 2009". Perhaps they will be right after all. Most game developers which get involved with the community such as the Team Fortress 2 team for their updates. These are great and always play well with the community because they listen to some extent as to what their fans want. Hopefully Modern Warfare 2 will be more successful than Modern Warfare 1 and that was pretty damn good anyway!

My question though is whether they will be updating the graphics and engine for the game and introduce new features like the last time. It will be interesting to see whether they do or not as the direction they took with that for Modern Warfare 1 was what made it so popular with the new innovative features sending fans crazy.

You can view more details on this here.

In other news it seems that Microsoft are in talks with the Israel company 3DV Systems. They are a 3D video imaging and motion-sensing technology company. Microsoft are reportedly going to buy the company for 35 million US Dollars. Hefty sum of money if you ask me!

This all seems to have stemmed from the Wii's brilliant use of the Wii controllers and this is something which made the console sell so well in the past and continue doing so because no other console does anything such as what it does.

It seems that now Microsoft want in on the action too but with a twist. 3DV does not use controllers but rather a motion capture device which then translates your movements in game. How widely this could be applied to the majority of games would be intriguing but anything is possible as the Wii has already shown us with the likes of Call of Duty: World at War on the system and other games.

The big question for Microsoft is as to whether they will be doing this as a add on for their current console system, the Xbox 360 or whether they will incorporate this into a new console.

My guess would be towards the latter as the 360 is now coming up to 4 years old it would make sense for Microsoft to start investing in a new console. Also by the time Microsoft got 3DV working hard and into a serious project the timescales would fit. This big step forward for Microsoft could put them ahead in the game but only time will tell as to how both Sony and Nintendo will react to this move made by Microsoft.



M_the_C said...

Still not actually bought CoD4, due to the total lack of price redution. (Steam weekend deal 75% off. *crosses fingers*)

Also, has everybody got a Twitter nowadays?

AJB123644 said...

Yes for some reason it never really has dropped in price but I presume this is because it was doing so well. What with the 'Game of the Year' Edition out in Q4 last year it probably did not help with the price reduction either.

Seems like everyone does. I just give up trying to keep up with these internet crazes. They seem to die out overnight in some cases and managing a 160 character blog would just be a nightmare for me and you! Haha!