Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Riddick is back

Starbreeze have released a developer diary video today on their upcoming game Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena. This looks fantastic so far with the game play elements looking to really put you into the game and feel immersed. This could be a giant leap for the series as not only are they releasing in one game the Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena but also the re-worked original Escape from Butcher Bay which is just fantastic. To top it all off we even get to hear the voicing from Vin Diesel himself. A bargain!

Play as Riddick on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 from April 24th 2009.

Empire Total War has marched to number 1!

Congratulations are in order to Creative Assembly for making this superb game. The latest title in the series has just made it number one in the sales charts beating Killzone 2 by a whopping 1600 units and it only came out last week! Also another milestone achievement for the Developer is that this title is the fastest selling one in the series to date.

The chart has not had a PC exclusive game at the number 1 spot for a year and a half before today too.

No 2009 release for Rage:

Todd Hollenshead, CEO of ID Software has today announced that Rage will not be released this year. Perhaps they will be looking for a 2010 release?

We do know however that ID Software will not release any games until they are finished to perfection. This is brilliant of a Developer to still do this. Mind you they never really put a release date on the game so we probably were not expecting it this year anyway.

Godfather 2 has gone gold:

EA have announced that their sequel to the Godfather, Godfather 2 has gone gold and will be released on April 10th 2009. The game which sees you playing as a mobster who is recruited by the Corleone family to set up business in New York, Miami and Cuba by any means necessary will introduce a different kind of gameplay element to the original and play out more like the PSP version of the Godfather game. This involved you having to take over rackets in order to become the most powerful Don. Sounds interesting and hopefully it will deliver to be another great game in EA's U-turn of quality for games.


With thanks to Computer and Video Games (CVG).


M_the_C said...

Will Godfather 2 be an open game or have a strict storyline?
I would like to play a game where you controlled a Gangsters style group, but in real time and with action elements.

I see by your Steam page that you've been enjoying Empire. Still not had a go myself. I've got Rome and all the ones before (in the Eras pack) but never been able to get a good game going.

AJB123644 said...

Ahh then Godfather 2 would be the answer to what you wish to play. It will basically work where you can do it from a strategy type of view controlling your guys from above or you can go in and fight from the ground. You basically have to take over areas and take over rackets (businesses) to gain power and upgrades etc. It sounds quite good to be honest I am going to read the reviews first though.

Ahh yes it is very good. At the minute that and Evil Genius is all I am playing. Empire has to be left when I have more time on my hands where as Evil Genius I can flick on at any given moment to play. I do recommend trying Empire as it is completely different to the previous games.

Have you played Medieval 2 Total War? I love the games I have just never managed to put the time in to complete one completely! Mind you to complete one completely it could take forever haha!

M_the_C said...

I've played the demo of Medi. 2, looks pretty nice but my little brain can't get past the huge battles. So much micromanaging.

The only Total War I've ever managed to get into was Shogun. Played that right up until all the sides were defeated and only rebels were left, got bored then, but I enjoyed the rest of my time playing it. The map was so much smaller back then. :D

AJB123644 said...

Ahh you do get used to it after a while but it does take a while to get used to haha.

Ahh awesome. Well yes there is that. I do wonder sometimes how you could imagine defeating everyone in the amount of time you have. Would be a pretty big achievement though on the more recent games.