Monday, 2 March 2009

Warning: Quake Live is Packed

Well apparently the free to play online in your browser remake of Quake 3 Arena has been a pretty big success for ID Software. When the beta went live last week there were queues of people waiting to play the game anywhere between 20,000-50,000 people. Wow all that for a free to play game? Wonder if Battlefield Heroes will have the same effect on people. Which apparently should be released sometime this year although that has not been confirmed yet.

Anyway back to Quake Live: ID have stated that they will be making their top priority the reduction of the queues. Clearly this is a huge problem for potential players as no one wants to spend all their time waiting for a game to load, even a free one.

This brings me nicely onto the subject of online free to play browser games. How do they work you might ask? Well let me answer you. Basically by micrpayments and in game advertisements. As this is a relatively new way of delivering games to people this is still quite a new thing for the games industry. The way that these in game purchases of items for your characters and the advertisements is something which has yet to be fine tuned and as to whether it will ensure the game is successful is another matter altogether.

We have however already seen in game advertisements for games, for example the most recent one I have come across is Burnout Paradise. They have billboards dotted round the city usually depicting adverts for 'Real Life' products/services as you would normally see when driving around in 'Real Life'. This works great in a modern game however would be work in the fantasy genre or WW2? If they could disquise it all to that era/setting then it could work rather well.

Need For Speed: World Online:

Today EA have released the first image of their new title Need for Speed: World Online which is set to be released in the far East by the end of the year followed by us Westerners shortly after. Well please find the image below which shows us some of the interface, the world, an in-game map and some other features. Looks rather snazzy to me although we shall have to wait and see as to whether this will sell as the recent Need for Speed games have not exactly been the best of games but time will tell and I would be interested to see as to how this will compare to other racing games at the time.

Hawx - Flying the skies with your friends (or foes):

On Friday Ubisoft released the video viewable by clicking here showing the multiplayer aspect of their new game in the Tom Clancy franchise: Hawx which is an air combat simulator coming out on the PC on the 13th March 2009 and Xbox 360 and PS3 on the 6th March 2009.


With thanks to Computer and Video Games (CVG) for providing the screenshot.


M_the_C said...

I think I'm going to wait a while before trying Quake Live, I'm sure the queues will calm down in a month or so. Besides, I was never a Quake fan, UT rules! :p

As for in-game advertisements, as you say they should be fine so long as they blend in. For example an ad. for a computer in a WWII game would just look silly.
Racing games are probably the easiest games to fit ads into, we see so many billboards in real life.

That picture for N4S World Online looks good. I really enjoyed playing NFSII SE and N4S III: Hot pursuit, but as you say more recent games have been pretty poor.

It will be interesting to see what you can do online, it sounds quite like Test Drive Unlimited.

AJB123644 said...

Haha yeah. I do not know whether I will catch onto these free to play games. I mean sure they are fun but the fun seems to go after a while and so I always find myself heading back to paid games because they have so much more depth.

Yeah exactly. Also games such as SWAT 4 had boards in some of the buildings which could have had adverts on. I think it just depends on their locations too. Having a advert for colgate in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare would have looked a little silly.

Yes I presume it would just be racing which does not really sound appealing enough to make me pay monthly for (preumably there will be a monthly charge). I am really interested in seeing as to where that game goes though.