Thursday, 19 March 2009

You might be wondering...

As to why this week has been a bit on and off with the blog posts. I do have a fairly good reason/reasons but I shall put those off and just let you know what I am hoping to do in the short future dependent on time.

Basically I am planning on doing the normal week-day posts which will involve the round up of interesting news items as found on the internet. These will be gaming related for the foreseeable future. The weekends or at least one day over the weekend I am hoping to start doing a weekend feature of sorts on a specific topic and my thoughts on it. As ever the week-day posts will also have this attached to them too.

If you have previously seen in a previous post (or if you have not please click here to view it) you may remember be mentioning about the You Tube project I had in mind. This should surface over the summer however it will again be dependent on the amount of time i have between now and then.

That is actually all for now. This is as I said due to varying reasons why I have not posted recently but please be sure to check back tomorrow for more news!


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